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Studio Animals Since 1985
We will provide expertly trained animals for any print, film, commercial or television shoot.
Training & Coordination
Top-notch trained animals and coordination services.
Video Casting Support
We specialize in Video Casting to help you find the best animals for your projects.


Studio Animal Services provides top-notch trained animals and coordination services for motion pictures, commercials, television, web, and print work! Our trainers are recognized and respected as the best in their field. For the past 35 years, owners, Karin McElhatton and Paul Calabria, have developed a large team of expert trainers, groomed for the most demanding production work and on-set etiquette. This team of pros has consistently developed award-winning animal actors. Their extensive expertise will help solve your production challenges, develop a straightforward budget and get the shot you want!


Production Support

Studio Animal Services provides script breakdowns and budget estimates tailored specifically for your project. Our knowledgeable office staff, animal coordinators, and expert trainers will work closely with you from pre-production through training and filming to make your project a success.

Video Casting

We specialize in Video Casting to help you find the best animals for your projects. Our trainers source the best candidates for your project and create video clips of those animal actors that best match your production goals. They then organize them online for ease of presentation.

On Location

Need to take dogs to South Africa, squirrels to Budapest, or cats to Japan? Studio Animal Services partners with a professional travel broker to get our trained animals all over the world for your productions.

Project Consultation

For over 30 years, we have worked to make sure both the four-legged and two-legged talent is safe and well cared for. We are licensed by: the USDA, US Fish and Wildlife, CITES, CA Department of Fish and  Game, Los Angeles City Animal Regulation, Los Angeles County and APHIS. As such we can offer you clear coaching on your projects to help develop your vision in alignment with humane practices and legal guidelines.